China and Europe are leading the push to regulate A.I. — one of them could set the global playbook

26/5 2022 10:30

As China and Europe try to rein in artificial intelligence, a new front is opening up around who will set the standards for the burgeoning technology.

In March, China rolled out regulations governing the way online recommendations are generated through algorithms, suggesting what to buy, watch or read.

It is the latest salvo in China’s tightening grip on the tech sector, and lays down an important marker in the way that AI is regulated.

“For some people it was a surprise that last year, China started drafting the AI regulation. It’s one of the first major economies to put it on the regulatory agenda,” Xiaomeng Lu, director of Eurasia Group’s geo-technology practice, told CNBC.

While China revamps its rulebook for tech, the European Union is thrashing out its own regulatory framework to rein in AI, but it has yet to pass the finish line.

With two of the world’s largest economies presenting AI regulations, the field for AI development and business globally could be about to undergo a significant change.